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Immigration to Australia.

Our experts can evaluate your eligibility to apply for the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Worker Visa to Australia, properly file your Expression of Interest (EOI) and application to immigrate to Australia, and help you through each stage of the Australian immigration process!

Our Services

Our legal team reviews your application info and calculates the points by considering the following factors for Skilled Workers Visas:
  • What are the pass/fail criteria
  • Nominating the right employment skill
  • Educational eligibility requirements
  • Assessing authorities criteria
  • English language level
  • The value of points from a spouse

About AustraliaGSM

AustraliaGSM is a private company (not connected with the Australian government) that is based in the United Kingdom and is committed to helping people around the globe apply for immigration to Australia.

Australian Immigration Online Application (AustraliaGSM) is a private entity and is not a governmental agency.